Learn from the best to become your best

Learn from world class achievers in sports & entertainment as they share the stories behind what made them great.

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Learn from the lessons that made them great.

Step behind the scenes with Kurt Aldridge & Cameron Muller each week to learn how high achievers in sports & entertainment became their best.

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a podcast for your soul

Stories, life lessons and actionable advice from world class performers in sports & entertainment.

We’ve listened to more podcast episodes than either of us could count and honestly, we still can’t get enough of them. We’ve always loved that no matter where we are in the world we could step into someone else’s world, be a fly on the wall during their conversation and learn or laugh along with people that we admired that we may never actually have had the opportunity to speak with otherwise.

Our mission is to empower people become the best version of themselves, that they believe they can become. We come into each conversation with a curiosity and open mind, We love listening, we love learning, We love asking questions, and we love empowering people to see their story as their power, just the same way that you should see your story as your power.



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The 'Becoming' Series
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We have a smiple goal

Our goal is to shine a light on the Australian creative community, and deliver it to ears around the world.

a podcast for your soul

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